Stava technology

Stava technology

Achieving a highly efficient and quality food delivery service is impossible without advanced technology and investment in it. That’s why at Stava, we are obsessed with the efficiency of last-mile logistics – the number of deliveries per courier hour. Our goal is to deeply understand the nuances of this process and use our knowledge to develop software and algorithms that can maximize efficiency while maintaining high quality.

Here are some of the solutions we have developed and are developing at Stava:

Stava solutions

Automatic Dispatch

100% of the tasks are automatically planned in couriers task queues, taking into account dozens of decision factors.

Manual work of dispatchers is not required, which reduces costs and enables high efficiency and ETA accuracy.

Batching & Pooling

Orders are consolidated for efficient transport, utilizing all combinations of multi-pickup and multi-drop routes, which minimizes time wasted on empty journeys and maximizes the number of deliveries per working hour. 

Traffic aware routing

Proprietary algorithms for traffic data collection and processing enable finding the fastest routes and accurate ETA.

Courier task queues are optimized for highest efficiency and pickup point operations are precisely synchronized with courier arrival.

API and integrations

Integration of Stava technology with portals, e-commerce, POS and more, using the Stava API and integration solutions.

Eliminating manual order entry reduces human error and increases the efficiency of POS operations.

Machine learning

Stava’s system uses data on individual courier efficiency, time spent at pickup points, and delivery dates to improve dispatch efficiency and ETA calculations. 

Precise maps technology

Tools for constant improvement of map data, adding missing addresses and roads, correcting the exact address location for the courier.

That saves time and increases efficiency by directing couriers to the exact delivery locations. 

Business Intelligence

We collect and process data on every aspect of delivery operations. Our deep understanding of last-mile logistics model enables us to calculate, monitor and improve all the important KPIs on a daily basis – per courier, per restaurant and even per individual delivery.

This allows us to make well-informed, data-driven decisions about delivery operations.

ERP automation

Tasks like settlements of courier cash&card collections, salaries, invoicing, document workflow, branch assets & equipment management are highly automated.

Even the biggest Stava branches do require minimal administrative workload.

Fleet management

Traceability of couriers’ fleet vehicle usage history. Knowledge of who used each vehicle and when, as well as their location history.

Time-windows deliveries

Time-window-constrained deliveries are possible with Stava solution. 

The customer can choose the exact time he wants his order delivered. Our automatic dispatching algorithms calculate these factors when planning task queues for couriers. 

Service-level customization

Each delivery can have different service level targets defined, which are taken into account by automatic dispatching algorithms.

This enables individual agreements with customers and live adjusting of target SL according to current traffic or weather conditions.

Time-in-transport supervision

Algorithms take into account defined target time-in-transport for each delivery and choose routes that fulfill this constraint.

This makes orders like pizza neapolitana delivered still hot, improves quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective scalability

Stava system architecture is easily scalable to handle very large operations in terms of number of deliveries and couriers logged in.

At the same time, we know how to keep infrastructure costs per branch at a very low level.

P&L management

Data from logistic systems are automatically imported into advanced P&L tools on a daily basis.

This allows everyday monitoring of branch P&L and cash-flow and immediately handles all inefficiencies which influence branch profits.

Built-in payment solutions

One-click card payment collection is built into courier application. Online payment is available for customers while they wait for delivery.

Saving couriers time on payment collection increases efficiency and reduces human mistakes.

Multi-modal transport

The system takes into account (considers) the type of vehicle used by each logged in courier, while planning his task queue.

This allows branches to have a diversified fleet of vehicles. For example bikes for zones where cars are not allowed.

Simulation engine

Advanced engine enables real-time merging of data with planned changes such as adding new restaurants, couriers, or extending delivery zones.  

This allows for prediction of KPIs like efficiency and customer waiting times, enabling informed decisions.

Tracking app for customers

Customers can use MyStava solution for real-time tracking of their delivery progress and courier location.

This increases customer satisfaction and reduces number of customer service contacts.