[:de]Kurierka w aucie Stava[:]

Work as a Stava courier

We are a leader of the food delivery business in Poland. We offer work positions in a reliable, established company. Join our team of drivers and make deliveries in our company car!

Flexible working hours

You will find it easy to combine working for us with other duties (such as part-time work, studies, or training).

  • You select the days and hours when you want to work for us.
  • We adjust our schedule to your availability.

Attractive salary

Your basic hourly rate will depend on the branch. We will sign a contract with you and we will pay all social security (ZUS) contributions. Don’t forget the tips – they can add a few hundred zlotys to your monthly salary!


We expect our drivers to have a ‘B’ category driving licence, sound knowledge of the local area, good personal hygiene and a polite manner.

Set up an interview

Send your contact details to the e-mail address of your local branch; one of our recruiters will call you, ask some preliminary questions and make an appointment with you.